• How does your entertainment marketing compare to others?

  • Which entertainment marketing tactics are most effective?

  • What are the biggest marketing challenges and priorities for entertainment companies like yours?

In January 2018, we asked thousands of entertainment companies worldwide to share their marketing views and practices. Check out their responses...

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How do you expect your 2018 digital marketing budget to change from last year?

The biggest takeaway from the survey is that fewer than 1% of respondents are planning to decrease their digital marketing budgets in 2018. A majority (54%) plan to maintain the same spending level, thus confirming the ongoing importance of this activity. And with nearly half (45%) intending to increase their digital marketing spending, the fight for greater online awareness will be even stronger in the year ahead. Companies that believe the status quo will be sufficient to grow or retain the current share of mind will soon see their competitors’ tail lights.

How do you plan to implement digital marketing for your company in 2018?

Respondents were split 45% between relying on in-house staff vs. using a combination of in-house and outsourced resources. This indicates that entertainment companies want to maintain significant control over their digital marketing efforts, while many also realize the cost-effectiveness of using subject-matter experts and proven service providers to augment their staff. 

What will be the biggest digital marketing challenges for your company in 2018?

Available budget for digital marketing is, by far, the number one challenge faced by respondents. This consensus helps explain why so many players intend to keep their digital spending at 2017 levels. In any case, entertainment companies are determined to get a higher ROI on their digital marketing dollars this year. The second most common challenge noted by respondents is “limited in-house staff.”  This helps explain why nearly half of them are planning to utilize third-party support to some degree in 2018.

What are your company's marketing priorities for 2018?

All respondents are looking to grow their business in 2018. No surprise there. Most are seeking to engage more fans (82%); capture more leads (64%); and reach more prospects/gain great brand awareness (64%). Achieving these goals will require break-through, digital marketing with greater impact and staying power than ever before.

So What’s the next step?

If you want to capitalize on the most effective tactics, fix the least effective, and stretch your digital marketing budget in 2018, Bauer Entertainment Marketing is here for you. Get 3 free growth ideas customized for your business.