Sure, there are lists of free entertainment marketing apps on the web. But our list goes to 11!

Check out these no-cost, time-saving marketing tools that can help sports, music, and entertainment companies win more fans, sales, and profit.


1. Portent: This content-idea generator is gold, Jerry. Gold! And while you're finding fresh inspiration with this awesome tool, we'll be busy using it to write hard-hitting pieces such as "Why Entertainment Marketing is Better Than Cinnabon."


2. Hemingway: Here's some tough love — the entertainment industry has a grammar problem. We're looking at you, Xzibit. So, stop trying to do "i after e" in your head, people! Use Hemingway to help make your writing bold, clear, and correct.


3. TypeGenius: What if Mick and Keith had never teamed up? Now ask that same question about font combos. Yup, next-level tragedy. Find the perfect font combo for your next project. 


4. Quick Sprout: Want more fans and site traffic? Get a complete analysis of your website's SEO. You're welcome.


5. Moz Local: Your website might rank #1 on Google in Toledo, but its barely cracking the top 100 in LA. Discover how your site appears to prospects and customers based on their ZIP codes.


6. ImageOptim: Fans and potential buyers love slow websites about as much as they appreciate Ticketmaster's fees. So, speed up the process with ImageOptim. Images will take up less disk space and load faster with no loss in quality.


7. Canva: Amazingly simple graphic-design software. Canva received a valuation of $1 BILLION (with a "B") dollars, so you know they're doing something right. 


8. Pablo: If you want an even simpler resource than Canva, check out Pablo. Design engaging images for your social media posts faster than a NASCAR pit stop. Boogity, boogity, boogity!


9. Unsplash: Beautiful, free high-resolution photos that will make your entertainment marketing content...well, more entertaining!


10. Signature Maker: Create a free email signature or a "handwritten" digital signature. It's never been easier to send emails like the boss you are or to sign that HUGE new deal.


11. Yanado: HEY YOU! Caught ya dozing off there, didn't we? Stop losing focus. Yanado keeps you on track with a task-management tool conveniently placed inside Gmail.


So you like free things, eh? We'll here's a bonus for you.

12. Get 3 free growth ideas customized for your business. Yes, we said free. And customized.