Louisiana hip-hop duo Mouse and Level’s 2015 urban-dance track, “I Bet U Won’t,” is a pop-culture icon, garnering over 7 million YouTube views and inspiring a slew of #iBetUWontChallenge videos. If you love hip-hop, you’ve likely seen this one! The record continued to gain even more traction in 2018, getting approximately 50k streams per day on Spotify and reaching the Top 50 at Urban Radio.

CHALLENGE: Avex International, Mouse and Level’s label, asked BEM to help them reach a wider audience by promoting the record to stadiums and arenas throughout North America for broadcast on the Jumbotron or PA speakers during live sports games.

SOLUTION: To achieve this objective, BEM identified decision makers and created a series of personalized, highly motivating email messages to maximize interest among targeted venues and sports teams. To minimize the risk of going unnoticed, BEM scheduled a series of versioned emails for implementation over a 4-week campaign.

Next, through a well-orchestrated “email drip” campaign, BEM messaged several hundred stadiums and arenas, as well as our own nationwide network of TV producers. BEM then conducted direct outreach to hundreds of venue operators, in-house marketing professionals, and game-time music supervisors.

BEM was strategic and persistent in reaching out to the venues and teams that did not initially respond. If one email didn’t prompt a reply, we then sent as many as three follow-up emails during the campaign. Finally, we sent audio and video files to the venues and teams that agreed to play the record.

RESULTS: BEM’s campaign generated in-game exposure for “I Bet U Won’t” at 27 targeted venues including Madison Square Garden, STAPLES Center, United Center, Rupp Arena, KFC Yum! Center, and Bridgestone Arena. This produced exposure to fans of 35 various sports teams. In fact, Mouse and Level were even invited to perform their song in-person during halftime of the NBA Finals!

Even if we conservatively estimate that only 50% of seats were filled, the participating venues collectively represent over 270,000 unique attendees/listeners. Assuming the record is played at just 10 games per team, that equates to 2.7 million total impressions.

BEM delivered cost-effective results for Avex that exceeded their expectations. We want to achieve the same kind of results for you! Contact us today for 3 free ideas to help grow your fans, sales and profit. Let’s talk!