A Message from BEM's President...

Welcome! For as long as I can remember, I have loved sports, music, and entertainment. In fact, since the mid-90s I've collected stacks of ticket stubs in my nightstand as a diary of extraordinary experiences and incredible memories.

I'm definitely a fan above all else, but in addition to confirming my life-long devotion to sports, music, and entertainment, these tickets signify milestones in my marketing career and represent the foundation of Bauer Entertainment Marketing. Most importantly, they confirm that my personal passion and professional goals align perfectly with yours: attract and engage with more fans.

Enjoy my story and share yours with me and my team soon!


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NBA Championship final game - June 13, 1997

Being a kid in Chicago during the Michael Jordan era was a dream come true. The man was my hero. He defied gravity. I wanted to be like Mike! So, when a friend invited me to see MJ and the greatest NBA team of all time win their 5th championship against the Jazz, it was life-changing. Today, I emulate my childhood hero by always being a clutch performer and going the extra mile for BEM's clients. Think it can't be done? Think again.

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Canadian Music Week - March 11-15, 2009

I'm a third-generation drummer and son of a piano teacher. So, it was almost destined that I became a musician, artist manager, and record-label professional. I experienced first-hand what goes into making records, licensing songs, booking shows, and performing around the world. I understand what it takes to launch and grow a music career, and that a great team behind you makes all the difference. At BEM, teamwork makes the dream work for our clients as collaboration is among our core values.

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George carlin AT CAESARS - July 17, 2005

Comedy icon George Carlin once said, “People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point.” I see my life as entertainment and entertainment as my life. I live to have unforgettable experiences and to share them with others, which is why I made entertainment my career. At BEM, we deliver only the very best for fans, brands, and entertainers while having a lot of fun doing it.

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Maryland Terrapins NCAA Playoffs - May 15, 2004

When it came to the sport of lacrosse, it was love at first sight. I attended and played at University of Maryland, mecca for this amazing game. As team captain, I led the undefeated Terps Lacrosse Club to a national championship. My athletic experience taught me exactly what it takes to achieve perfection. At BEM, we strive for flawless results for our clients and partners. No exceptions. No excuses.

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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concerts - October 29, 2009

This show featured a who's who of all-star performers: Bruce Springsteen, BB King, Jerry Lee Lewis, James Taylor, Billy Joel, Simon & Garfunkle, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, and many more. What struck me is that these legends started their careers with a vision of what "could be" and worked tirelessly to go beyond "what is now." Our approach to marketing is identical. We know every step is meaningful when pursuing perfection. Our underlying goal is to generate growth for our clients that is self-perpetuating and limitless.

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titans vs. bears - august 27, 2017

BEM is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Living and working here is like being a kid in an all-night candy store. It's non-stop music, sports, and entertainment. It's also a thrill to raise my two sons here. When I took them to their first NFL game, I caught myself watching them more than the athletes! As a parent and marketer, I know how the next generation seeks and consumes entertainment. I'm eager to apply my first-hand knowledge of emerging trends and help accomplish your business goals.