Challenge: World class motor-racing venue in Austin, Texas, Circuit of The Americas (COTA) wanted to create awareness and engagement that would drive early ticket sales a full year prior to their official opening date. COTA’s secondary goals were to optimize community management during events and keep fans engaged after the organic excitement of the first races had faded.

Working with the COTA team, the mission was to build a database from scratch, cultivate fan communities, generate buzz around events, and apply analytics to promote ticket sales. Key tactics included high-profile contests and partnerships to build a digital fanbase, targeted-content strategies using fan data to maximize engagement and conversion, and segmented messaging to boost email open rates, click rates, and ticket sales.

This campaign also produced detailed social-media schedules for race weekends to promote the COTA brand by featuring revenue-generating merchandise and high-engagement events. On a weekly basis, email and social numbers were measured and reported, plus strategies were updated and tweaked to achieve optimal results.

Finally, observations were summarized and published promptly for COTA and sponsors to review after each event. These metrics and recommendations helped make future events even more successful.

This campaign exceeded expectations by generating approximately $13 million in revenue for COTA. Their email list also grew to nearly a half million consumers and expanded their social media following by 1300%. In accomplishing these outcomes, the team beat industry benchmarks by a substantial 3.5% for click rate and 18% for email open rate.

Client Testimonial: “Thank you! You’ve come to our rescue as usual!”

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