RedFest was a three-day comedy and music festival in Austin, TX founded and produced by none other than star performer Jeff Foxworthy. The goal was to create awareness and massive buzz surrounding the inaugural festival while ensuring sponsors received maximum value from their investment. Here’s how the team succeeded!

Challenge: Jeff Foxworthy engaged needed to create massive buzz to drive awareness and ticket sales for RedFest. Moreover, he needed to ensure title sponsor Natty Light received high visibility from and a solid connection with the event.

Solution: First, RedFest partnered with NASCAR and Texas Motor Speedway to create a multi-tiered marketing plan for generating substantial leads and sales before, during, and after the NASCAR race. The team then conducted a co-promoted race-ticket giveaway to capture fan data and extend RedFest’s promotional reach. Additionally, a stock car was “wrapped” with festival and sponsor logos to earn on-site and on-air views!

Finally, there was real-time social media coverage and a FOX TV interview with Jeff and iconic driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. to engage the most festival and NASCAR fans possible. Through these tactics, RedFest experienced tremendous buzz and awareness.

Results: This marketing initiative captured over 15,000 new email subscribers, which equated to thousands of dollars in incremental ticket sales for RedFest. Additionally, the campaign produced millions of impressions for and thousands of fan engagements with Jeff, the event, and sponsor Natty Light, making the event a success for all stakeholders!

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